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As a back office Medical Assistant,  I realized many people were not able to afford Medical Healthcare.  I saw a shift and people were looking towards an alternative way to be healthy.  Not only were people taking better care of themselves, they were being more pro-active in taking care of their bodies.  They were eating the right foods, taking vitamins,  exercising, and receiving massage therapy often.  I knew I wanted to contribute in a way to help people renew and revitalize their bodies so that they may have quality of life and remain pain free.

I maintain the highest standards not only for myself, but for my clients as well. I completed a Holistic Health Practitioner course in San Diego,  received my National Massage Certification in 2013 and Board Certification for Massage Therapy in 2015.  I belong to the Associate Bodywork and Massage Professionals, American Botanical Council, Holistic Health Practitioners, Massage and Bodywork Professionals, and Integrated Health Practitioners.  I have also worked at numerous 4 & 5-star Hotels, in Chiropractic offices, and Day Spas in this area.

I've been fortunate to have great teachers who brought knowledge and real life experiences into the classroom.  I wanted to reach a wide variety of clients, so I took several different classes after I graduated.  Bodywork for the Child-Bearing years, Cranial Sacral Therapy I & II, Nepali Massage, Table Thai & Ampuko release massage with Teri Rogers, the Diamond method and several others.  There's a lot of scientific research being discovered about the human body daily, so I continue to evolve and grow as a person and a therapist, staying current in all areas in my field.

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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